What Is 5G? || All questions answered about 5G networks || JULY 2021

Fig: American tower for 5g


Isn't that true that these G's in the network are making it overrated. What is 5G? How does it look like? Does it harm mankind? Do we really need 5G? 

Today we'll be answering all these questions as these doubts are being a major concern in the mob mentality. 

5G: It feels as if it’s everywhere and nowhere at the identical time. Fascinatingly innovative yet uneventful in its arrival. It's ripe enough for conspiracy theories in some corners, yawns in others. Yes, high-speed 5G wireless service is here, but not everyone has it, and loads of consumers aren’t really sure about how to react to it.

We are here to inform you that we've got seen 5G — stood near it, touched it, snapped photos of its tangible and irregular forms — and lived to spread the spectrum of the tale even beyond. And now, it's time to answer your most inflaming questions on this exciting 5th-generation of mobile internet.

Fig: Evolution of G's

What is even 5G?

In essence, its physical form is invisible to naked eyes hence you can’t see. Wireless networks resembles over a finite swath of radio waves, and what makes the 5G novel is that it lives within the higher-frequency neighbourhoods of this real estate. That permits 5G to become faster — and in some cases, wildly faster than current 4G LTE connections that power much of today’s smartphones. But that's not all... these higher frequencies can even handle a much wider range of devices without overwhelming networks like those operated within the U.S. by AT&T Inc., T-Mobile US Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. and that they shorten the quantity of your time it takes for data to create the round-trip journey between an operating tool or device and its destination, helping to enable innovations that need near to instant response, like self-driving cars.

Enough for now, we'll discuss more of like major doubts and queries regarding the same i.e. 5G NETWORKS.

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